Your Parents And The Internet

So my mother’s a schoolteacher, and she started her career back in the 1970s. Back in those days, when you wanted to reproduce work for a whole class, you used a simple black-and-white paper and a primitive photocopier to churn it out. These were known as the black-line masters, master copies that used only black lines. Easy, right?

My mum’s been using this terminology since the 70s. In 2004, we finally got her using the internet on her desktop computer. Now, this is pre-Google, so search engine technology was not optimal, and let’s face it, chances are if you typed anything in, you’d find porn, quickly enough.

Mum typed in ‘black masters’ and well.

Well, yeah.

Be careful letting your parents on the internet! You will be startled to see what they find when they’re not looking for it!

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