If I Were Peter Molyneux 9

A game of epic fantasy, focused around a prince, his lady knight best friend, a noble wizard prodigy and a clumsy priestess, making their way across the dreadful expanse of the land, avoiding the war, feeding military properties, handling supply lines, and when everything is lost, travelling to a far northern province for a long, endurance-straining quest to find a single lost gemstone in the snows of a glacier at the roof of the world.

You play the Prince’s horse. You cannot understand any of the riders, and can only interpret their actions vaguely with visible elements like bruises and weapons, and the urgency of their unintelligible barking.

You have to build a social connection with the other horses in the stable, manage your endurance, respond when your rider asks you to. You also must find strategic locations to poop when nobody can see you.