Writing Every Day

Yes, I’m trying to put something up, every single day. I like to make sure the big, substantive posts are spaced out well – that way my friends will be less annoyed on a daily basis by me saying ‘please, please, look at this thing I have done.’ – but these short, momentary posts are here to make sure that I have some outlet for shorter thoughts that I don’t want to put up on my facebook wall to be ignored. Right now I’m doing the last few days of work experience before the university season starts, and wouldn’t you know it, we got a rush order, meaning tomorrow is going to be spent up to my armpits in dusty monitors.

Write every day. Write something. Write anything. Even if it’s bad. If you ever run out of things to say, there’s something wrong. The world you live in is an amazing, spectacular, vast place and you are one of the privileged few who lives in a society and with the infrastructure to press a button and reach out to the world around you, so widespread and tantalising, and learn about random, interesting things and see what thoughts they put in your head.

Just for example: how short can a war be?

Write every day. If it’s bad writing, learn from it, go back to it, fix it and clean it up. If you find yourself unsatisfied with a thing you wrote, leave that thing you wrote up, copy it into a text file, then write it again, but better. There is no shame in repeating yourself if what you repeat is an improvement. There is no shame in refinement, in practice, in acknowledging one’s flaws and moving on.

Write. Every. Day.

Just write.



    Alternatively. I try, but then I feel exposed in my bad writing and just want to curl up and hope no one actually bothers to visit my site and read my terrible writings. So… there’s that. :x Social phobias ftw.

  2. Hence exhortation.

  3. I’ll exhortate you! >:O

    but in all seriousness, I’m trying, though. I am. So thank you for the encouragement, beau.

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