Words and Deeds!

No posts, Talen? Lies! I’ve been makin’ alla them posts, up ins and all overs. See, I just haven’t been doing them here, because this blog is for things I like and people I like and you know, cool things and fun things. What I’m saying is I’ve been writing stuff that sucks today.

That said, if you’re interested to see, I’ve done some posting over on Irony Exports for my classwork, and to make some ‘practice’ news stories using today’s (rather sad) videogame news events. Also, today I finished up my Philosophy 106 Essay, which I would love to post – but can’t, until after I have my marks, for fear it will come up as plagiarised.

Today I have written, and quite a bit.

While I’m throwing around links, there’s also this indiegogo campaign. Maybe some of the spambots or the less-known readers might go check it out.

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