Why You Should Buy This: Artemis Spaceship Simulator

Okay, so this Humble Weekly Bundle includes, at $17, a game called Artemis Spaceship Simulator. It’s too interesting to explain in a single tweet, so here’s the idea behind Artemis.

You play the game on a laptop, in the same room as your friends (or over skype, whatever).

The thing is, there is one more player than there are games. Each player has a laptop, except the captain, who sits in the center of the room, asking for information from other players, and offering them the same information in turn.

I repeat: This is the game where one player’s job is to sit in the middle of the room and boss the other players around. And it’s their job to, like the cast of Star Trek, report back from their segment of the ship, explaining what is and isn’t going on or going wrong.

I can’t tell you how good this game is or isn’t, but I love this idea.