The Finnish Fosters

There’s a brand of alcohol in Finland, sold throughout Europe, called Koskenkorva Viina. Sold as a brand of Vodka, it’s actually a brand of Viina, and if you can work out the difference with a taste-test, you’re better than me. As a non-drinker, I’ve basically nothing of interest or meaning to say about the topic itself, but reading about this stuff on Wikipedia is an eyewatering experience regardless of how heavy a boozer you are.

Skimming through the article, looking for references to flavour, I caught this: “The drink is produced by diluting this alcohol with spring water and a very small amount of sugar.” Which I figure meant that it was probably pretty good-tasting stuff to start with, with only a little sweetening and a bit of water, am I right? Read back a sentence and we find this delicious stuff is “produced using 200-step continuous distillation designed to produce high-purity industrial ethanol.”

Finland, rest of the world. Rest of the world, Finland. One of you is powering your drunken bar brawls with what the other uses to power their trucks.


  1. Well, yeah. Never look up everclear, by the by. 195 proof (97.5% ABV) is a terror.

    And mixes well with such common mixers as ‘shotglass’ and ‘sippy cup’.

  2. Finland is a loverly place, quite laid back from what I remember. . . then again maybe this stuff is why the’ve never lost a war with Russia. “You drink Vodka, well we drink THIS!”

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