Videogames for Your Hypothetical Friend

Your friend raises their drink and shrugs.

“I dunno. I used to be really into games when I was younger. But I just haven’t had the time these days. I don’t even have a console any more.”

“Well, on a PC-” you begin.

“Nah, I can’t use a PC for games. That’s my work machine. I want something else. Wanna stretch out on my sofa and play it while my non-gendered significant other does fulfilling things with their spare time that doesn’t suggest or demand a stereotypical view of them.”

“Ah, I see.” You say.

“So I guess what I want is say… three games. Three games that I don’t need to be a gamer to get. Three games I can spend a lot of time playing. Three games that are all on the same system, offer a variety of play styles, and which I can play a bit of from evening to evening.”

Then they look at you, lowering their glass. “What three would you choose?”

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  1. A deck of cards :P

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