Things I Can’t Use In An Essay

Now my Humanities Essay is back, I can throw out the snippets of information that were true, backed up by history, but of no purpose to making my greater point. Thing is, being ironic and sort of hilarious doesn’t make a point a better point. One example from my Humanities study was about when we outlawed slavery in Australia. There were two parties debating this in parliament, caucused together; the Labor party (who can’t spell) and the National party. The Labor party are comprised – and were at this point – mostly of lower-class voting blocs, pro-worker, and were literally Union leaders at the first point. Labor argued that we should be anti-Slavery in Australia because slave labour made it impossible for the working class to advance, depressed wages, and was damaging to the idea of Australia as the working-class paradise.

Their opponents, the National party, also argued against it because they said that slavery would require letting black people live here.