Thing I Enjoy: TGP

THE GREATEST PODCAST logoSo here’s a link to The Greatest Podcast In The History Of Our Sport, or TGP from hereon in. I’m listening to the first episode as I write this but I want to put this out here, not because I’m friends with the people who make it (I am). I want to promote this work because this is a thing I like even in a purely academic concept.

I need to come clean about something: I’m not ‘a wrestling guy.’ I don’t watch wrestling, because investing in doing so is effort and I tend to lose track of such things. But I did watch Wrestling in a very limited way when I was younger, and it was enough to teach me the basics of the lingo.

I therefore, basically, know nothing about WCW.

Specifically, TGP is a podcast that seeks to recount the history of an interesting catastrophe. It’s a history told from the perspective of people who are invested and care about the subject matter, not a dry dissection, but the storytelling of people who are coming to you from a strange land, and explaining to you as best they can in your own language.

I’m hoping that I’ll have a lot to learn in this podcast, and I’ll enjoy hearing it told. I expect I’m going to hear some stories that mean a lot to people, stories done well, stories done badly. Sometimes I don’t have quite the context for who these people are, but that’s part of the story. The narrative is built in the podcast.

Basically, TGP is a history podcast. It’s not going to tell me about the Luftwaffe or the Swedish economy: It’s about the history of an entertainment giant, and it’s being told from the perspective of two fascinated observers, standing in the crater after the fires have died down going Well shit, brah, ain’t that a fuckin’ thing.

Tune in! You might learn something fascinating. It might be familiar, but it’s still interesting, even if it’s new to you!


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