Thing A Day: Notice Me!

Today in response to thoughts abouy #YuriJam and Love Letter, I’ve been wondering about small games. I make plenty of thoughts about big, elaborate, interconnected games, but Duelists Club is already mostly done and just relying on some art assets to get printed. But what I started on next was this little idea – a game about being Noticed by Senpai. Except, someone at the table is Senpai, and you don’t know it!

This game went from a tweet joke to a reasonably designed prototype in about five hours. That’s what I’ve been doing, and not writing anything interesting. Sorry! But here are some artworks from the mockup.

girly circles

senpai wheel

These wheels are going to represent types of charm, and the cards represent items. I don’t have categories yet, but so far I’m thinking ‘cutesy’, ‘girly,’ ‘sporty,’ ‘dorky,’ and ‘cool.’ A pair of glasses will have ‘cute’ and ‘cool’ charm, for example. Players are hoping to swap cards with one another to have the items that best represent their kind of charm – and work out who at the table is secretly Senpai, who they hop to appeal to to notice them.

More on this when I’m more awake.

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