Theme Days

Yesterday, I had about six conversations which ended with me, more or less, saying I’m sorry I’m being like this. Conversations that, in essence, boiled down to my being angry leading to me speaking leading in public spaces to people being hurt. I hate that strangeness, the feeling that being me has led to people being hurt. It’s a deeply radioactive feeling. I hate feeling like being angry is a problem, because I am so angry, so often. Some of these conversations were about recent problems; some were about old ones.

Today, I was either sent directly, or shared with indirectly (people in my mentions, for example), a remarkable array of cute selfies from some very cute people. A significant enough number that it stood out in my mind.

I don’t know why these days have these themes to them. It seems a touch strange. Is there some organising force underpinning them? What will tomorrow’s theme be?

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