The Value of Value

Kentucky Route Zero is one of Jeb’s favourite videogames. He didn’t pay full price for it. When he played it, he found it so stirring and moving that he Didn’t Review It. In a sadly cut piece of DLC podcast, he once confided that he felt bad about how he did not spend enough on a game that meant as much to him as it did. And I can understand that: Kentucky Route Zero is a very interesting thing and Jeb does not speak lightly of it.

I rarely buy games for myself for full price. I’m… nervous of it. A bit shy, a bit weird about it. Even when the game is cheap I still feel like I should double-check it, and maybe try again later for an even lower price, because I feel like I’m going to lose or waste money. Like I should try for the cheapest price I can get, and if I can’t, I do it by trying to justify my purchase with supporting people I admire and respect.

I got some birthday money. I don’t know how to spend it on myself. But I do know that if Jeb had that money, on hand, and he was buying for my birthday, he wouldn’t blink at buying me Kentucky Route Zero, even if it was ten dollars more than normal.


Today, I bought Kentucky Route Zero, for full price.

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