The Value Of Attention

In my browsing of imgur, I stumbled upon an interesting text-image-article-thing which called attention to the plight of indie developers trying to get into E3. Ignoring for a moment that I haven’t heard good news out of E3 for years, I still piped up and asked about it. The poster – a character artist – linked me to this: Ensemble.

I have not yet done a major in-depth research into this game. I haven’t played it. I’m not going to tell you ‘this game is good,’ or even ‘this game looks awesome.’ What I will tell you is The people making this game want your attention, and It costs you a few seconds to help them.

This kind of indie work is the handiwork of creative people pursuing a dream of game development. They are not doing this because they want to make fat bank, they’re doing this because they want to make a game that will make people happy and they want to be able to make that their job. You can, with just a little attention and the possibility of lending them your time, add a brick to help them build that dream.

And hey: You may find a game you really want to play.

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