The Sad Inadequacy of Twitter

I got onto twitter around six months after starting this blog, and about six months after that, I implemented a notification system so that my posts were shared with twitter. Some experimentation about time of release and content types aside, I have a fairly robust sampling of what twitter traffic does, what a conversion rate is like. I’ve had a little handle on same with Tumblr, which is also integrated, and there has been a small amount of facebook data.

Obviously, doing all of these things to promote your work is ‘free’ and by ‘free’ I mean definitely not actually free. It’s work, it’s social, and it involves associating yourself with companies that are, at the least bad.

Sadly, if you’re a creative developer holding your nose and dealing with a shitty company full of horrible people just for the sake of promoting your work, it seems that that company that gives a better return on investment is reddit. Facebook seems to get me some good hits, but broadly speaking if something of mine gets ridiculed on reddit it still gets me a huge number of hits.

I can’t tell you how that converts to sales, becauuuuuse I don’t sell much on the internet.

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