The Remnants of Tenebrae, Finished

With the completion of last Friday night’s game, I will be not running any tabletop gaming of any variety for the first time in over three years. This situation is slightly strange for me, particularly when I look back and realise how loose and relaxed my planning schedule had become. I used to sit down for hours at a time to create whole encounters just in case the players needed it. With the advent of 4th edition, I was much more loose, and could simply grab a thing from the book and we’re off.

The game had a central purpose of playing with Fox’s theme of a godless world. There were entities like demons and angels, but no gods, and those entities were happy to ‘fool’ people into thinking they were gods. The story of the game therefore oriented around characters who had some connection to a greater story – in this case, a chunk of a celestial gate that fell to earth thousands of years ago, to be buried within a mountain. A cult, using a children’s story as inspiration, began to write about their god, trying to feed it deaths, believing they had found the real entity to rule the world. Their goal was to provoke a war between the two nations it was near – a war that was already almost on the way. The players wanted to prevent it – but also were happy to crack skulls from the other side if the opportunity arose.

I still plan on running a game online for Slippy and his friends, using the Exalted system, but lords, that game is a big fucker to get a handle on.

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