The New New


What do you mean this isn’t an introduction? I mean, this is a new place. Can’t you see? Why, the URL is different.


Arts-Eclectic was a neat URL name for its original stated purpose, which was the art space for Fox’s mum. On the other hand, it’s a massive pain in the ass to try and tell someone to check out. What’s that mean? Well, it means My Mother-in-law Makes these really cool junk bugs-

Nope. It didn’t fit me and it didn’t fit Fox and it really didn’t fit the sort of stuff I do. I’m not eclectic in the way someone uses that term as a label; that is a term for someone who wears flowers in their hair and doesn’t want to talk about the many things they do. Me, I make things and the way I make them is with words.

I could say something artistic about the new URL; about how words are invincible; about how invincibility is the quintessential superpower, how all fiction is about finding something that cannot or will not die and structuring a story around that, or I could say that this new name was chosen just because it was cool and cheap and I can easily send people to it when speaking aloud. It’s also a better header for two people who make stories, game supplements and art.


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