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What do you mean this isn’t an introduction? I mean, this is a new place. Can’t you see? Why, the URL is different.


Arts-Eclectic was a neat URL name for its original stated purpose, which was the art space for Fox’s mum. On the other hand, it’s a massive pain in the ass to try and tell someone to check out. What’s that mean? Well, it means My Mother-in-law Makes these really cool junk bugs-

Nope. It didn’t fit me and it didn’t fit Fox and it really didn’t fit the sort of stuff I do. I’m not eclectic in the way someone uses that term as a label; that is a term for someone who wears flowers in their hair and doesn’t want to talk about the many things they do. Me, I make things and the way I make them is with words.

I could say something artistic about the new URL; about how words are invincible; about how invincibility is the quintessential superpower, how all fiction is about finding something that cannot or will not die and structuring a story around that, or I could say that this new name was chosen just because it was cool and cheap and I can easily send people to it when speaking aloud. It’s also a better header for two people who make stories, game supplements and art.


  1. Wow, you sure are misrepresenting a lot of facts that you wouldn’t be if you had taken three seconds to ask me.

    The “original stated purpose” of the domain was not to be Mum’s art space – she doesn’t even use the Arts Eclectic url. The purpose was to be a domain that would suit a group of artists working in various media – an cartoonist/designer/web and game dev, a found objects sculptor with a spiritual basis, a journalist/fiction writer/tabletop game developer, an object/model painter, a character/scenery sculptor, and a large NFP group of artisans and craftspeople trying to rejuvenate artistic interest in a run-down local community.

    Then you wanna specifically claim that it doesn’t suit me? Well fucking excuse me, it sure as shit DOES. My site contains everything from web design to video game sprites to dolling resources to poetry. It’s plenty eclectic, thanks very much. I guess in your mind I oughta have some flowers in my hair, but I seem to have eaten them.

    There is one reason and one reason only I wanted to change the name; practicality. “Eclectic” is too easy to typo, only about half the audience recognise it as a word, and of those, about half aren’t sure of the spelling. Plus it’s too long and domain names with hyphens are super hard to dictate cleanly. That is the entirety of the issue.

    I still love the name and regardless of your bizarrely hostile personal feelings, it is objectively VERY well suited to the original purpose of the domain (a diverse artist collective). I guess I shouldn’t be so angry, but I get kinda pissed when somebody tries to speak for me and gets it utterly wrong. Check your damn facts darling >:\

    1. Fair enough.

      1. That said, I am glad to see you excited about the new name. I am too.

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