The Formspring Archive

I’m going back through these huge multi-document exports from my Formspring character accounts, and reflecting on even little things. Cearmaid was too erudite to begin with, and his manner of research became lazier when he started to live with Zex. Carceri didn’t have the manner of writing answers that I now identify as ‘his,’ either. He was also more of a teenager.

It is a little strange to realise that Carcer was probably a virgin before the Women of Formspring had swings at him. I think Kazeno was his first, which is really remarkable, then Curie.


  1. That one-eyed cradle-robber.

  2. Carcer was hold old? Kazeno was how old?

  3. Carcer got with some incredibly awesome women in his time there, I believe. :x

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