The End Of Formspring

Formspring’s closing down. It’s closing down, I know. As my last social contact through City of Heroes that easily allows multiple people to experience the same input, I’d come to think of Formspring as what was left of City. I have a handful of Google docs sitting around waiting for me to stir players into paying attention, then using those documents as guidance for more RP in that universe. Without formspring, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that.

I have been using Formspring for a bit over a year now. At its peak, I checked several accounts multiple times a day and answered pretty much everything. One of my favourite RP characters I’ve ever had, Cearmaid, was realised through Formspring far more than he was through City. Formspring gave Chell Baptiste a voice, and served as a crucible for the characters of Carceri and Juusan. Formspring was also fun as a writer – it made me try to imagine different ways for characters to express themselves, then wonder about why they did it.

I can remember a few fairly minor fights – Paul Ocean and IronPhilanthrop – but more than that, I can remember the times I broke the fourth wall to write out-of-character about characters and characterisation.

I also remember that the most appreciated statement Cearmaid ever made was reminding Aglow that she claimed to be blind while asking for people to send her animated gifs.


  1. You forgot that formspring was how we opened doors again and being friendos. Runaway started there before she was ever even thought of in game, which was kind of nice. :D

    I’m going to miss it because it’s removing another thread of RP for me, as infrequent as it was lately, but… yeah.

  2. Sucks so hard, man

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