Tedium is useful. Tedium is a place you visit inside your own head when the tasks before you are so undemanding of your mental processes that you need not think of them but so demanding of your physical process you cannot simply leave them. People speak of the boredom inherent in tedium, referring to it as crushing. I don’t find tedium crushing. I find tedium enlightening. When there’s nobody around, when nobody needs attention, when there’s no potential of a random interjection from something fun or interesting, there is a blank space in the mind, a workbench upon which ideas can be placed and hammered at. It’s why the shower is such an enjoyable ritual, I think, for those of my internet generation. It’s a comfortable, enjoyable place to turn off and indulge the mind and the imagination.

The trick is to use what you think in the tedium later.

Today, I was stacking clothing. Tonight, I may write about self-loathing superheroes.


  1. I’m tedious! I would say ‘do me’ but that would come out wrong. Also, this just in – I miss you. RAAARGH.

  2. “Write about” as in “story” or “talk about” ??

    1. Talk about. It will be a wonderful avenue for you to tell me I’m wrong.


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