Tank Update

While I’ve been breaking up my uni workload into small, manageable chunks, it’s been mostly so I can fritter away free time having fun with friends and imagining having sex with girls, but all of that fritterable time has been of late partially sequestered by the needs of Tank Tankleton Lee, the smallest of the family. To explain what’s going on with him without using jargon, Tank has a growth on one of his innards, and that makes him need nutrition very regularly or he’ll get sick and pass out. This condition is known to us as insulinoma. To accommodate that, Tank needs to be kept warm and able to spend as much time as he wants sleeping, but he also needs to be able to eat as much as he wants, as often as he wants, ideally once every three hours.

That is: Tank has a medical condition where he gets to eat as much as he wants as often as he wants.

It is reasonable to assume at this point the fat little bastard is conspiring with the doctor.