Talkin’ Bout Vidyagames

Can’t we talk about videogames?


I haven’t played Frogatto And Friends yet. I know about it – I’ve seen it, heck, I’ve been keeping an eye out for it pretty regularly – but I haven’t been able to play it yet. It’s pretty cool looking and exciting! If you want it based on just this video trailer, check it out here.

This is the trailer for Gravity Badgers. I know nothing about this game – I haven’t even seen the trailer – but I do know it’s currently forty-nine cents, over at Steam. Why would I consider this meaningful? Because I really like badgers.

Those are some thoughts about videogames. Right now I’m looking at my upcoming schedule of games that go into the Game Pile. There are some really interesting looking games – Unreal 2, Magrunner, richard & alice, and Zork – which should be fun to talk about.

We’ll see what happens, okay?

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