Talen Reads Glory In The Thunder – Chapter 12

Short and sweet, this time, let’s dive straight in.

I keep remembering when I see her name that Houri’s name is a word sometimes translated as a type of grape. Also, Houri calls Barsamin a random. I wonder if Houri and Tsovinar are ever in the same scene will the author quietly bounce in her chair giggling at the greatness?

We’re also treated to another promise. So far we’ve seen promises and pledges work out badly; so I’m going to take this as a signal that either Barsamin or Houri is going to, eventually, try to kill the other. The nature of this series being as large as it is means the reader naturally has time to watch as characters slowly but steadily progress from one perspective to another, so I don’t think I’ll be surprised per se, but this is one of those things where I assume I should pay attention, to watch the shift.

Alternate interpretation is that one, or the other, will ‘end the world’ and in the process, after that, their friendship will end. That’s a guess, but I’m more likely to expect Barsamin – who has been, by far the central character of the story – is going to wind up dodging a knife or risk being thrown off a waterfall or something at Houri’s hand.

Also, though she’s spent time in bed with a dickhead, I like that Oseni seems to have sexuality that doesn’t come with DOOM floating ten feet above her head. Seems. So far, that would make her an exception and that’s probably not likely.

Oddly, there’s quite a bit of action beats in this chapter. I’m not used to seeing that, and some work quite well, while others are more tangling. We end on a moment of literal clench-fisted yelling, and it does work.

Another thing is it’s a nice moment where Tsovinar’s voice changes. Tsovinar’s character is wound around words, and it’s nice to see the many interesting ways her powers – I think it’s been heavily hinted that she controls and amplifies waves – are used. Seeing her distressed, however, and hearing her explicitly call Hayr shows what does bother her.

Oh well, maybe the Witch of the Waves has some ulterior motive. For now I’m going to assume she just actually cares. A bit. A little. Like you would about a terrier.