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MTG: GR Madness

Magic: The Gathering is a game which at its root has a sort of culture built straight into the game’s mechanics, with five distinct flavours of play execution forming the centerpiece of the game’s style and mechanics. Players introduced to the game will almost always have something to say about how they relate to the colours based on first impressions, and the flavour of the colour pie represents a truly excellent, trope-level structure for not just game design but wholesale story design. People may not even consciously think of it, but the colour wheel lets them choose how they want to play the game, it gives them strategic insight into how others play the game, and it lets them talk about characters and mechanics with the same fluid ease.

The colour pie is great.

A thing that still surprises me, then, given my deep affinity for them, is how rarely I wind up playing green and red together.

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