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Azurill Says Trans Rights

Okay, get a load of this. This here is an Azurill.

History has been kind to this little mouse, but that helps that it started out as kinda mean in the origin. Azurill is a particular type of Pokemon we tend to group as a baby Pokemon; when they first showed up, Azurill couldn’t be found in the wild, but you could breed one, and then it would evolve into a Marill, which you could encounter in the wild. This was some of that gameplay thingummy, where there were Pokemon that, if you wanted to catch ’em all, you’d have to, you know, make sure some of ’em all were even around to catch.

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The Fairy Type Sucks

I mean, not like any given fairy type sucks. Every Pokemon, big or small, is someone’s Ya Boy, and it’s not like your favourite being a fairy makes it bad or not. It’s not that I think the Pokemon that are fairy type pokemon suck, it’s that the fairy type itself sucks, and I dislike it, and how it was implemented.

The problem derives from what fairy does, and what its presence changes.

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Blind Nuzlockes Are Boring

Okay, context!

Nuzlocke runs refer to playing one of the Pokemon games with self-imposed rules to make the game harder and to change the context and tenor of the game. Typically speaking they are built around an attempt to make the game more edgy and meanspirited, to take a game that is made to be unbrickable for four year olds with numerous difficulty adjusters even more difficult.

And like, that’s good. That’s not a bad principle, in and of itself. Pokemon is a game designed to be very easy and to always have a route towards something like success no matter what the current state of the game, which can mean that if you’re outside the bottom end of player competence, which I want to again remind you is four year olds, you might find the default play experience a bit easy.

Now, ostensibly the game has a place to graduate to if you hit the limits of difficulty in the game and like pokemon battling, which is, you might want to try battling other people, but that is obviously very intimidating. People want the game to be harder, but not in a way that might involve that and all. If you want to stay within the difficulty of a game made for children by deliberately not taking the best strategic options presented to you, you start to get creative.

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Inquagnito Mode!

You know how I wrote about how there was a chance that cool design I had of a Quagsire sneaking around in a mask wouldn’t ever be able to be published because discoverability was functionally broken?

Well turns out I lied.

Here’s this month’s design. I recommend getting it on a sticker (cheap) or a hat (pricey), but as always, you can get it on a shirt.

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