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So, Nano

I completed the total wordcount required for my Nanowrimo mid-way through last Friday – or, as Price was happy to summarise, “Eight Days? Get Fucked.” What has followed was the editing and refining process, where I went through some sections and explained them better, and tried to cut down on other sections. There’s more of the guns and punching now, and that seems to be what I like writing, when I’m not making incredibly obscure references to Biblical myth.

What I have now, then, is a short novella of about 54k words, which I would consider a ‘beta model’ of a story, which is about a slave, a cross-dresser, and a time ninja opposing a church hierarchy and God. It has one naughty word in it and no sex scenes, but lots of punching and some Mature Themes. If you’d like to be a beta reader and provide feedback – like, you know ‘huh? This bit confused me’ and ‘I think this is poorly worded,’ or ‘Who is talking here?’ or ‘Why would you even show this to other people,’ then please, pipe up.


So day one of Nanowrimo work so far has me already a whole section (of eight) done. I’m pretty happy with that, but all that really means is that I’ve made a lot of words, not that those words have been worth reading.

I completed my final journalism piece of my journalism blog, where my desire to do a review ran headlong into my hate for conventional reviews, leading to a news story about news stories, because nobody’s sick of those.

Finally, I’m sitting down to write out a sample answer to one of my philosophy exam questions – which I will be doing every day up to the test proper.

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