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Making Fun, Episode 2 – Defining Games Journalism

This episode of Making Fun went a direction I wasn’t super wild about at first. I want to talk more about making games and things and ideas you can get from doing that – but well, I also wanted to see how quickly and easily I could belt one of these out.

This entire video took 4 hours to make, script to done. Pretty happy with that!

Making Fun, Episode 1 – Paratext

Goodness me, this is a thing I didn’t expect I’d do!

Inspired in part by Innuendo Media, Sideways and the work of Campster, I decided to give it a try to make a short-form video essay. The tools I’ve used to do it are quite bad, and I’m going to look for ways to make this more convenient and easier, but hey, check it out! I explain the concept of Paratext as it relates to play, which is important to how I wrote my honours thesis.