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A Snippet

“Sometimes I assume you must be as weak as I am, and you surprise me by being stronger than that. And sometimes I thnk you must be invincible because you’re my big brother and I’m surprised when you can be weak too.” he hesitated. “I hope that I don’t contribute to your anxiety”

“You don’t, honey. And even if you did? Even if you were a source of stress for me, I would accept it, and bear it gladly – because I love you, and you are worth the effort.”

You are worth the effort.

That Thing You Do

It’s harder than you think it is. Really, it is – it’s more challenging than you think it is because you’re measuring it against the wrong people. I know, you think that person who showed you how to do it, or you chase, doing it, that person is a lot better than you, and they’re younger than you or more experienced than you, or they’re somehow able to just possess the monstrous space brain that makes whatever it is you want to do impossible. Or maybe they’re talented in a way you never thought to measure yourself doing again but augh, you hate them and it makes what you do seem not so special, right, because you haven’t done much lately, or you haven’t done it there or wherever or haven’t made money for it or haven’t got many readers.

Your metrics are fucked.

Whatever it is you do, I am absolutely certain, certain, that I can find you maybe a billion people who can’t do it at all. A fucking billion. I am equally certain I can find you five people who have done something you love who can’t do what you do as well as you do it. The world is not full of Genki Sudos just waiting for you to fail so they can fix what you weren’t going to do.

There is something special in you, some alchemy, some conjunction of parts and interests that makes what you have to say, what you want to do, different and unique. You are not a single thing, not a single purpose, you are not a single task. Whether you’re a Sentai Accountant or an Infosec Warrior-Queen or a Space Brain Pianist, there is something in you that makes you you that is literally special.

Show us what you do, because we want to see it. Finish what you started because it’s worth seeing it done. Share what you know because none of us have done it yet.

Ten hours from now I’m going to look at this post and be embarassed for myself but that’s fine because it’s late and all that shit. I got myself read by thousands of people just by having the temerity to produce, and produce, and produce, and put it out there for an editor to put up when he needed space filler. You can show your friends the thing you made and I am sure that what comes of it will be better than what would happen if you didn’t.

Words To A Mother

Your son is going to live in a world where we will be reaching out to places in the world that but my father’s lifetime ago, did not exist in our understanding.

When my father was born, the world was standing tenatively in the dawn of a nuclear age; in the shadows cast from Nagasaki. Atoms were dangerous, capricious things that loomed ominously over the landscape, that made men fear, that brought the world under a blanket of snow so cold that at least twice, the whole world stood on the precipice of making that winter eternal. Twice over, hands hovered over the buttons.

When I was born, we didn’t know what we were. Didn’t know why we were. And I was ten when the USSR collapsed and the bombs stopped being important. And we could stop defining ourselves by who we were against and had to start stumbling towards telling people who we are.

Your son is going to grow up in this world. A world shaped by people who have, through the power of thought, looked at the sun and realised that there is nothing in this world that we cannot understand if we but try; that this is our world, and that we owe it a responsibility of care, and that if we but care enough to show an interest, it will never fail to surprise and to delight us.

You have given the world a beautiful gift, that is your son, and you have given your son the beautiful gift that is the whole world.

No angels, no dragons, no elves or imps or pixies or fairies; you have brought him into a world that’s there: It’s really, really there. You don’t need to give him ephemeral things like faith and miracles. You can give him the things that are there; it is enough for him, and it has to be enough for him, because it is everything that there is.

Justice. Love. Duty. Beauty.

These things are things that we make. And they are things that mean nothing unless we share them. There is always something beautiful waiting to be known.

And that’s not a quote. That’s just what I think.

You’re My Super Friend

I’m not friends with you because I get something out of it. I’m not friends with you because I’m waiting to get something out of it. I’m friends with you because you’ve shared with me a little bit of who you are, of what you think. We all have walls, and you have trusted me enough to lower yours a little, and let me see the ideas, the dreams, the aspirations and the creativities that lie within yours. You are unique and special and amazing and you have given me the opportunity to see that, spreading your ideas into my mind and giving me new ideas. You have tested my ideas, you have made me stronger.

You are my friend because of who you are.

I may have to spend the next hundred years of my life reminding you, but that’s a duty I’m happy to fulfill.

You should know

When you don’t speak, you’re still heard.
When tell yourself you’re not wonderful, you’re still wrong.
When you’re not here, you’re still here.

Smile today.