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Hackagong Denoument

I wish I’d been there to see the judges. It was strange that we didn’t.

Fox and myself, as mere mortals and not impervious to the cold, stayed up all night doing poster design, completing the rules set and doing some beta testing. By the time the morning had arrived, I was cold, I was hungry, and I wanted to sleep. Hour twenty-eight, when Pendix turned back up, we did some preliminary hand over stuff, and went home. I went to bed, figuring that was that, and we’d done everything. Pendix wanted to try – one more time! – to get the prototype printed.

Pendix just left, me in my pajamas, and left behind our $1500 prize for our prototype.

So there’s that.

Hour Twenty Four

Two thirds through Hackagong’s 36 hour time limit, and we have hit an embarassing problem.

See, we were more or less done about twelve hours ago. All that remained was some polishing and refinement. We’d sent our product to the printer to be prototyped out, and we were working on supplementary stuff while we waited to see how that worked out. Basically, we had a good idea, we worked on it well, and our modellers and artists all did their jobs.

It is not a warm place here. The AC is on – cooling the place off further. I’m here in four layers feeling frosty. This is annoying, but it is not deleritous. What’s a real problem – a major problem – is that our discomfort is secondary to the capabilities of the 3D Printers. Simply put: The colder it gets, the less reliable the prints get.

We had set aside all night to get our prototype printed. Thanks to the AC and the ambient cold, we can’t. We probably won’t.

It’s quite irritating.


We’re doing this… hackagong thing come the morning, in which apparently, there will be thirty hours of my life dedicated to a project we have no idea about, no plan for, and no clear goal. I have to come up with ideas that we can do using a 3D printer, an artist, an app writer, and a 3d modeller. Essentially, I have the job of making sure everyone else has a job.

This should daunt me, but at the same time I always have the option of giving the fuck up and going home to play videogames and cry, so we’ll see.

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