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Designing Dominion – Timer

I like Dominion. Probably more than I should, really, given that I don’t play it very often. I think the thing I like about it is more its fundamental expression of a really robust platform to build games from. You can do a lot with Dominion that Dominion doesn’t do.

Here’s one simple thing that Dominion does that I like: Dominion has a minimum turn structure built into it. Now there are other ways to do it, but in Dominion, the game ends when three piles of cards are emptied. Which is to say, if players want to end the game as quickly as possible, you have an automatic dial you can put in your game for that. Let’s say you want a game to only have one buy a turn, and you want the game to last at least twelve turns or so, with four players. Right there, you can make the game end when there are three emptied piles, and have piles start at 4 each.

Simple little design component, but you can build on it.

MTG: Jund Vomit Part 4

Ho nelly has this been a project! My desire to make a robust Jund deck for 1v1 commander, and to keep my individual articles about it reasonably sized has resulted in this beefy deck building process, but I hope it’s been interesting and useful to follow along. Now we just need to resolve one of the fundamental problems in my 1v1 Commander deck…

Step 5: That Whole Commander Thing

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the commander is literally not core to the way this deck works. There’s no commander in Jund who enters the battlefield and reanimates anything; there’s no commander who dumps a chunk of your library in your graveyard; there’s no commander who fits our theme. Which means our commander wants to be a card that we always want to draw and have a purpose.

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MTG: Jund Vomit Part 3

Last week, we went through the process of dissecting an archetype like Jund, and then went to work on the 8×8 theory. We decided what our 8 piles would be, and this week, I’m going to go over those 8 piles, what’s in them, and the commander who will be in charge of them! Continue reading

MTG: Jund Vomit Part 1

MTGO recently – like, around August – decided to decouple themselves from the EDH Council for online play, based on players primarily focusing on 1v1 commander on MTGO. I’ve not been very interested in Standard right now – not sure why, I think it’s the loss of Eldritch Moon and the failure of Ixalan to excite me for constructed – so instead I’ve been playing Commander 1v1.

The two things about Commander 1v1 that appeal to me the most are that it’s a high-variance format, and its card pool is well, kinda-vintage. It’s wide enough that I can play with some old favourites that had already left Standard by the time I saw them, but the investment to get involved isn’t like getting into canlander, legacy or vintage. Continue reading