Sorry About That

Chances are you upset me. I’m really sorry. It probably wasn’t reasonable of me to be hurt, or depressed, or frustrated, or sad. I’m not really sure what I can do about it, but it just seems to be the thing that keeps happening.

I tried letting you know, but letting you know just upset you, so I apologised. Then I tried not letting you know, and then when you found out, you got upset, so I apologised. I think the solution is to hide it so well you’ll never find out, that way I can just suffer without my suffering being a problem for you.

I know that’s not what you mean because this happens with so many people I know, the problem really has to be me. I think somewhere along the way I didn’t learn how to feel those things the way I’m meant to and the only upshot is I’m sorry I hurt you and I’m sorry I brought it up.

I’m just sorry.