Shooting From The Lip

I’m trying to make sure I update this blog every day with at least one thought out post. Today? I have my photographs from my last day of work at the warehouse, my thoughts on a tabletop game online, notions about the character of Shamgar, Son of Anath, a story about a serial killer that eats hearts, conversations about the Scion class fox made, and most excitedly my impressions of Spec Ops: The Line. Right now, the trick is not an absence of things to talk about but finding the time to sit down and talk about them. Quickly as I can, a quick set of thoughts:

  • A dungeon to a vidoegame that is a single enormous Mimic. A bridge represents its tongue and a chandelier its uvula.
  • This.
  • My friends are horribly disquieted when I stop talking and look at them. I think the problem isn’t being paid attention, but rather the silence of it. As if merely being me, and not talking, is itself a form of horror narrative, something unreal and dissonant with their accepted universe.
  • There is apparently an approval food chain. I craved Monara’s approval and now apparently Pendix wants my approval. He thinks he’ll never have it, but the weird thing is, I love the guy to bits.
  • I have a neat little dice tower, which I use to roll dice.
  • Good night, Cory. You’re super rad.
  • The term ‘roleplaying game’ is totally meaningless in any kind of scholarly discussion and I may have to rewrite the very concept of all genre distinctions for my purposes of this blog.

That’s what I’ve got for now. I’ll be revisiting some of these thoughts later.

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