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Garage Gamer: Ben "Yahtzee"Croshaw

This video, which I stumbled upon while wasting time on the interetubes was what has finally kicked me into action. I want to be part of the conversation creating videogames. I want to at the very least use the tools that I have bought (or, more realistically, that interested and wonderful friends have bought for me) that entice and excite me. When the time came to write things, to get practice writing things, it was just doing it that made it happen. After some fiddling with different story ideas, I have settled on a project I can – somewhat – work on on my own, using an engine I have, and so, I am going to try and produce it. I don’t have art assets or music assets worth a damn, but we’re going to cross that bridge when we get to it.

The 2013 Short Story project has morphed into something else. It’s definitely a serialised story at this point, and only a small number of its components are legitimate short stories in their own right. They are set in some greater place and have a single over-arcing narrative (with some big flaws I wish weren’t there, but as needs must). I’m going to rename the category to reflect that more accurately and see how it works out for the rest of the year.

This has been my realisation this past few weeks: Do More Stuff. There’s plenty of time in the day to do lots of stuff, and I was just letting days melt away under things that didn’t really matter or help or create. I want to Do More Stuff.


  1. Both your big projects are forming into universes that seem very cool indeed ^^

  2. I have time, I just lack proper motivation most of the time to Do More Stuff – that and it’s often times hard to feel supported in doing things when you’re the only one making that sort of effort. :x Luckily for you you have a support-base of penguins with pom-poms willing to cheer you on at every step. *wiggles poms.*

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