Scheduling Notice

This year my first half plan ran, roughly, as follows:

  • Release a game each month
  • Do a full-time semester at uni
  • Do the DLC Podcast on weekends
  • Try to blog consistantly, without touching on themes of distress and rage
  • Write roughly a thousand words of #wyl a week, updating the count on thursdays, before releasing at the end of the month

This last one is the current problem. See, my two most busy days at Uni are Wednesday and Thursday. I finish a full day of uni, I am not keen on the idea of sitting down and trying to get in the headspace of an angry wolf. Best to work then on my uni work.

Then, this week, some computer stuff – nothing bad – mean I have to adjust some stuff and spend time reconstructing laptop systems. Part of this meant I messed up a sync between a laptop and a blank drive, which meant my laptop went Oh well I should just delete everything!

Basically: #Wyl hopefully will be on track by the end of the week, but it won’t be going up every thursday. Also expect more posts about designs and visual things I’ve crafted.

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