If I Were Peter Molyneux 6

A ‘game development’ simulator built around Cleverbot, where you have to construct sentences to describe enormous ideas using nothing but pictographs, at a variety of different planning meetings. The player can draw on the whiteboard during these presentations. Your staff will respond enthusiastically if you give them exciting ideas, and will be more consistant in their reactions if you provide a coherent, stable vision. Every day, new problems will come up, and they’ll consult with you as to how to fix them within the context of the game, using this same pictographic methodology of communicating. You have a progress bar throughout the whole game’s experience that shows how close the game is to release, and how close it is to being bug free and on time.

There are boss battles where you attend press events and explain to a whole audience that gives you no feedback about your game, using these pictographic techniques, and more pictographs will give you more ideas. At the end of your speech, a little video is shown representing the game you described, with the quality of the video being an indicator of how consistant you have been at explaining the vision to people in the meetings and to the press on the stage.

The trick is there is no actual way that any of this has any influence over any of it. The game’s release and bugginess is completely independent of anything you have to say or do. Your success or failure is based on random seeds from other people’s games.