Re: Double Fine and Grim Fandango

I want you to understand that when I address a business, there’s a certain remoteness here. When I say ‘Double Fine did this,’ I do mean in the remote, impersonal way in which a machinery of people can work. Nobody individually chose to do anything in particular, it was just the aggregated behaviour of dozens of people choosing who would choose who would choose who would choose who chose the words they used. That’s how businesses work.

So, Double Fine did this:

Please then take this response in the spirit of addressing this idea that we will get your old games if your new old game sells enough, and that the consumers and fans of this genre owe it to you to buy your game for the sake of ‘our genre.’

Fuck you and fuck your stupid market branding. We are here, we have been purchasing these games, making these games, and WANTING these games. So, Fuck You.

Don’t you dare tell me that the genre’s problems are because I don’t want it enough.

I might buy Grim Fandango, no lies. I remember liking the game the first time I played it. But this attitude drives me bananas.