Prototype 22.12 — The Wrapup

Well, time to take a loss.

Chunk 1

okay what did I actually do in this time. I think the main thing I did was rearrange the templates for each game. I’m still set up to make DrivethruCards card setups for these things – and well, these games aren’t made for that.

I’m gunna have to do something about that in the new year. Maybe make a point of rebuilding my template outset.

Don’t know what happened here, I think I missed something.

Chunk 2

As I write here I know I’m behind the curve, a lot. I think something that affected me a lot more than I thought it should was this transitional period, where the previously extant platform of twitter’s failure and my subsequent seeking alternatives, has really had an impact.

I haven’t known where my audience are looking, but also, I haven’t been doing the things to gather my audience.

Today, on the 20th, I’m going to do some prototyping, and it’s going to be ugly and fast. I need to get stuff done, I need to get the very basics blocked out.

This became a thread on mastodon that I lost track of.

Chunk 3

Well, okay, time to admit it.

As I write this, it is Christmas Morning. 12:48 in the morning. I have gotten basically nothing done for these games. I am unhappy with this, but also, I think that I think it’s very reasonable, now I’m looking at it, for something to have given up in this month.

You gotta wear your losses as well as your wins, I think. Like when I’m up at midnight on Christmas, thinking that I need to make sure the remaining days I have in this month are focused on other work, and it’s CHRISTMAS I may have to accept that some of the things I do aren’t going to get done.

I dunno, is it silly to be sitting here at Christmas morning thinking ‘shit, I have work to get done today?’ I think that’s a reasonable sign that I don’t have the time in this month to get time to sit down and do graphic design that’ll get meaningfully resolved in the next four days.

Part of it is the destruction of twitter as a space I can feel comfortable creating. I definitely need what Mastodon offered, but also, Mastodon is reaction-light. I’ve got to focus on that space as practice, and I’m willing to see the way this kind of month of failure as a time when it’s worth looking at what’s different. So, first up:

Chunk 4: Alt Text

This is more or less a thread from Mastodon, replicated.

There’s a thing I’m concerned about with Mastodon that is an unenforced norm, and how as with all things social, it’s predicated on its exclusions. I am not good at doing alt text. I mean I do it all the time when I post here but I also post way less here, because whatever it was I was doing, I feel I ‘have’ to do alt text for it. This means I’m less likely to snapshot-dump-post things here.

This is by no means meant to say ‘alt text is bad’ or ‘people are bad for wanting alt text’ or even ‘alt text being the norm infringes on me, an abled person who doesn’t need the alt text.’ It’s about the real meaningful friction that changes how I relate to the platform.

I don’t know if you know how I tweeted, but I was pretty one-sided; I followed very few people (around 50), and of those people, a lot were mostly muted because I wasn’t paying attention to their timelines. Twitter was, to me, a scratch pad where I could dump notes and thoughts and jokes to work on for later, develop if it got a lot of ♥s and reconsider if someone pointed out an error.

This is not typical behaviour! I am (still) a very antisocial social media user. I think of myself as ‘releasing’ stuff and presenting it to an ‘audience’ which you may absolutely not think of as a way to see you that’s fair!

So when I’m throwing images into tweets (or toots now), in a thread about game design, that’s basically a form of note-taking, a scribbled notebook

and stopping to provide alt text often involves having to determine what, on the design I’m even talking about and how it’s meaningful

This is not to say ‘ugh, I don’t wanna alt text, people who ask me to are bad’ because nobody has done that and I don’t imagine anybody would.

It’s just one of those things that creates the pause and ‘oh, should I Do that here?’ reaction that interrupts the flow and stops Mastodon from feeling like an intuitive replacement tool for a useful purpose

I am thinking about this because I’m gunna give it a shot and see if going back through later and alt-texting things later is going to be a useful practice.

In Summary

Acknowledge the material limits you have. It’s okay to admit failure. I still want to do this, I still want to finish some of these games off. If I hadn’t tried, I wouldn’t be writing this on Christmas morning, admitting to myself that…


Yeah, I couldn’t do this, not in these circumstances.

and that’s okay!

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