Problematic Faves

When you start to recognise that sexism, racism, and other oppressive systems are systemic and underpin the structure of the world you live in, when you come to terms with the fact that every single person you have met is subject to this, and struggles with its outcomes, when you start viewing media in terms of the stories it gives you rather than in terms of SJ Currency for the approval of the people around you, when you realise that you can call for changes and improvements in media that you like because we’re trying to fight against systemic problems and can only really do that with systemic movement, rather than the individual perfection of single creative people, when you recognise that wrestling isn’t wrestling and subtext isn’t text, you can leave behind the idea of the ‘problematic fave’ and instead recognise the far simpler truth that no work is perfect and liking things that have things you don’t like in them is a natural byproduct of living in the spaces of these systems, rather than pretending you can create some perfect bubble immune to these experiences.

Yeah this didn’t fit in a tweet.

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