Pride Month 2020!

Welcome to the month of June, where it’s Pride Month!

You weren’t aware? This is why all the corporate icons have got rainbow flags for exactly no more than the duration of this one month. Pride Month, the Month where we’re all allowed to have some Pride and answer questions like ‘uhh when’s straight pride month,’ because fuck you.

Hm, maybe a bit confrontationl.

Pride Month, thanks to the fact the English Speaking Internet Is Kinda American, set in June to commemorate the Stonewall Riots, an event kicked off by a trans woman throwing a brick at a cop, and the event oriented around it is because a bisexual woman chose it, and that seriously is as much as we need.

For this blog, that means it’s a time to talk about Queer Stuff! last year it was fantastically hard, because lots of queer games are alienating and lots of queer media falls into the same problem space as Smooch Month media. We’re going to talk about queerness, in games and media, and that mostly means me trying to promote stuff I like, talk about queer subtextualisation, the importance of fanfiction, the way media relates to queerness, and the way I relate to that queer media.

There’s also going to be some shirt giveaways, unless something dire happens to my finances in this month. Fingers crossed.

Also, as seems to be traditional, my current plan is to not talk about:

  • Undertale
  • Steven Universe
  • She-Ra

We’ll see what the month has coming for us!