Posting Habits

I try to make sure that there’s at least five posts between each story entry, so that my ‘latest entries’ never looks like this is just a blog where I – badly – serialise a story about magical teenagers saving the world with cuteness. My god, though, today has been a real bumper crop, with all the different things I’ve had to say. Still, I’m not done with today – I have after all, my essay work I’m doing, and I plan on posting my assessment task poem and a bit about it later tonight.

Still, before I go on to that, I thought I’d throw out this link, which I found very interesting and also features the quote cuteness inspires sadism. This idea meshes with a meme I’ve seen through Mispy, of cuteness as religion. I really am wondering if there’s something with sinew there that I can write about – and I mean, in a way that I might actually be well-suited to, and not just some half-assed not-real-person writing that I normally do.

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