Pet Worries

On wednesday, I found our internet had been shaped, which was kind of a problem for my normal consumption and focus. I was planning on doing a bunch of classwork, but that was shot the heck down. Whenever the connection goes through shaping, the loss of speed isn’t a problem, but cookies seem to expire super-fast – like the cookies for accessing material through the University proxy. Quite irritating.

Anyway, thursday Tank fell ill. A really panicky car ride brought us to the vet, and there we had to leave him for two days. What followed was… tense and nervous, and scary, but ultimately, nothing we could influence for good or ill. That left us here – where I try to work out why I haven’t written a damn word in two days.

I’ll have something. I have a bunch of drafts. Also, in hindsight, I super loved my Bioshock review, so I’m glad it got some prominence.