One In Ten…

Once, I read that in any group of ten people, assume one is not straight.

Once, I read that in any group of forty people, assume one is not cis.

The numbers didn’t match for me. In my first school, there were about thirty kids. Kindergarten through to year twelve, the number varied a little, but broadly speaking, it was always about thirty kids. And in the ten years I was there, looking back through my memories, I can’t think of anyone who I thought of as maybe signalling or hiding or suppressing something.

I sat down to write about this earlier this year, when I realised that I was the one in ten.

I mean, I know, I know, there is some contention about whether or not I count as straight or not Because Reasons and straight passing and all that stuff but still, I was thirty years old before I realised that The Not Straight Person I Grew Up Around was me.

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