Oh, Hiiiiii, Reader

If you’re not aware, I have an aesthetic sense of posting to the blog. I fancy that I have people who this blog, from time to time, and day to day, but I also do not know much about how they consume it. In my mind, the best way to keep people checking regularly is to simply ensure there’s always something new up. With an ideal of at least one update a day, I’ve been able to keep on top of things, even building what I might fancy is some kind of ‘backlog.’ Right now, I’m posting this on the 279th day of the year, with 314 posts in my blog.

With my embrace of Twitter, things that would be tiny posts, or posts where I have an interest but not the ability to truly follow through, become tweets. That’s probably for the best. I wanted once to do an exhaustive summary of Mitt Romney, a year after the 2012 elections, to remind people that he existed, that he was second in line for the most important military job in the world. Yet, even as I got digging, and started compiling a list of all the interpersonal weirdness he demonstrated over two years in a media spotlight, I realised I couldn’t do it – it was simply too big a task to do exhaustively, where even the highlights reel could miss out highlights. The whole thing however, could be condensed down to the simple sentence, less than 140 characters: Holy shit, Mitt Romney was real.

The past few days I have been rather ill, ill in that way that seeing a doctor is a waste of time (and all he’ll have to say is ‘go home, rest, drink a lot’). I haven’t posted. This means there’ll be a rather pathetic two posts between story segments, something I simply cannot allow.

I’ve taken four days off posting. Let’s see if I can address that.


  1. Less stress, sugar. Quality over quantity and all that jazz.

    1. I do recognise this is a philosophical difference between us, but it’s one where I feel happy with my position. I recognise you are more of the school to let a flower grow at its own pace, but I have found I feel best when I am bullying the flowers. :p

      1. STOP BULLYING THE FLOWERS. What’d they ever do to you! *penguinflipperpunch in the knee.*

  2. I do sometimes miss the pre-Twitter days of deep and thoughtful analysis a bit. On the other hand, you get a vastly broader and more responsive audience there without having to be actually famous. Often I’ll ask a question about software and the *person who wrote it* will end up answering me!

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