Quitting WoW

A few months ago I cancelled my subscription to World of Warcraft, based on the sensible advice of a friend who pointed out that there were things in this game that I could criticise and thought were poorly done. After my level 89 epically powerful and supposedly dangerous druid who had ridden the backs of dragons, ingratiated himself to the elemental aspect of stone itself, singlehandedly slain the dread denizens of Ahn’Qiraj, Tempest Keep and Naxxramas, spent his time roaming around underwater in the Dread Wastes trying to get a fussy bug his packed lunch, I remarked that the game had a bad sense of scope. The useful response was ‘Well, quit, then.’

Good advice.

Anyway, looking back on it, I found myself wondering why I didn’t enjoy Mists of Pandaria WoW, when I loved Cataclysm so much. It’s an interesting thing to consider that in the eight year lifespan of the game, there’s about nine months where I feel they got it really right. Obviously, the paying population of WoW is somewhat close to the voting population of America, so it’s not like I hold a majority opinion on this topic.


  1. I still play because it’s a game I can do several things in.

    1. If I really want to, I can go out and find RP. Most of the time I don’t want to enough to TRY this option, but it is a possibility – I might not like the RP I get, but I know I can get it and there’s something to that, even if it’s not much.

    2. I can grind all day long going through quests and upgrading gear, and no matter how many times I’ve done it or how mindless it has gotten, I still enjoy the act because it feels like I’m crafting a new person more so than I did in City of Heroes, at least as far as upgrading myself… if CoH had had gear instead of the idea of enhancements and what have, I might have enjoyed leveling there more (Yes, I know, people want to look how they want to look while they stab a bitch in the face, but whatever, ghetto gear makes me feel fancy when I put together a shiny transmog yet am still beefy and it feels as if I have more options.)

    3. I like PVPing in WoW sometimes, depending on the class I’m playing. It has, unfortunately, one of the most balanced instances of PVP I’ve seen in any MMO in ages. People can’t tell me CoH did, or that any of the other new games to come out do, because honestly… as fuckered as it is sometimes, I love WoW PVP.

    4. I have friends who play and drag me back in. I am trying very hard to never do this to my friends because I’ve seen what it reaps and it’s not good.

    So while I can understand the idea of not going back to MoP, especially considering the fact that Deathwing really should have been the end of that story, because how do you top beating down Neltharion… it was more casual, and the things you did fight were so hidden away a lot of the time… it was like a walking self-help book where you were fighting your own inner demons brought on by shiny panda people… so I get the not liking it.

    … I’m still playing, and sometimes I question it, but I can easily get why others don’t want to anymore. <3 I miss seeing you around there, but alas!

    1. None of these are bad reasons, at all!

      1. While that’s true, it doesn’t mean they have any worth to anyone but me! Not everyone wants the option to RP with terrible people, and I really shouldn’t, but yeah.

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