No Gender December And Asshole Newspapers

Today I went to the store and saw the newspaper. I try not to read newspapers, because they by and large do nothing in this country but give a voice for wealthy shitheads. It turns out that the Greens put forward the idea of No Gender December: Which is to say, just stop gendering toys. Advertise toys as Toys, not as Boys’ Toys or Girls’ Toys, which I hadn’t realised was an actual problem. Apparently, toy sellers in Australia have this weird idea that you can’t put two products in front of a consumer and let them decide for themselves whether those toys are for their sons, or their daughters, or their others.

How did the newspaper handle this?

Well, the front page story featured badly shopped together images of the Greens leadership as toys, and began their front page ‘news’ story with The Greens are tireless in their efforts to destroy the Australian Economy


Front-page Op Ed.

Fuck these people.

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