MTG: May 2022’s Custom Cards

May is past! 31 cards, of type and style, a card a day designed for the commander format around a theme. What was it? What could it possibly have been? Have you worked out the theme…? Do you even care? Do you want a convenient gallery to peek at? Let’s go!

Warning: Wizards employees, this post contains primarily custom magic cards.

The May theme was Boros Advantage. I’m often harping about how the problem isn’t that white and red lack for card advantage, it’s that they lack for card draw. My stance is that red and white have always had ways to get card advantage, but those methods aren’t being designed to scale up for commander, where all the values like life total and toughness are bigger, and people get pissy about wraths.

It’s not too hard to design cards for red and white, but making them varied and interesting and making it so those cards always find a way to give you card advantage is hard. I didn’t wind up giving everything pure card advantage, there is at least one card that’s just a Great Big Idiot that can attack well.

The rules for May’s cards were:

  • Every card had to have a way to generate at least one other card’s worth of value; removal spells had to deal with more than one thing at a time, creatures had to find some way to restore a card to you that fit in colour, or they had to have an effect that the colours could use to get ahead on cards.
  • I had to avoid just using the same mechanics over and over. A 2/2 with Encore and a 4/4 with encore aren’t that different, so if I was using a mechanic multiple times it had to be to a distinct purpose.
  • Colours had to be equal; there need to be the same number of base-white cards with red abilities as red with white abilities.
  • Kicker is kinda boring so I avoided using it, even though it would absolutely do the same job in a lot of cases.
  • Split cards needed to relate to one another in some way. Couldn’t just be ‘white card and red card, fuse.’ Whether flavour, name, or mechanical relationship, the split cards needed to have some reason to be in the colour pairing.

And now, the gallery:

A combo I never got around to was encore and afterlife.

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