MTG: June’s Custom Cards: Gruul Turfs!

You know with a whole six months of daily custom cards under my belt there’s the very real chance that I’m going to wind up doing this daily for the rest of the year. Wild.

Anyway, the theme for this month, based on it being Pride Month! is a full month of red-green cards that include the word land. Why? Because there’s no room for Terfs on Gruul Turf.

I had some mechanics I tried not to lean on over-much. Specifically, Retrace – I like Retrace a lot, I always want more Retrace cards, because I like having a use for lands in the late game. [mtg_card]Wrenn and Six[/mtg_card] was, seemingly, designed for a much richer version of me – it’s weird, they really should have priced it at 4 and given it two more loyalty. But anyway.

General rules for this crop:

  • Structurally, any given card needed to be red/green, or mirrored red/green. So if there’s a monarch card in red, there needs to be a monarch card in green. Same for Retrace and Adventure.
  • These cards are all designed for the casual commander format, not any other constructed format. I do not care about trying to balance for Vintage or Legacy, as those formats are fundamentally broken and only worth correcting through bannings and restrictions.
  • I tend towards a conservative design. Some of these designs earned complaints about being overpowered or too cheap on reddit, which wasn’t really a factor for changing them. I did goose some designs though, upon encouragement.
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