MTG: June 2022’s Custom Cards

The month of Gay Pride is over and now we’re going to talk about the month of Gay Wrath! Wait, what do you mean? Oh I guess we’re going to focus on the custom daily cards from June!

Warning: Wizards employees, this post contains primarily custom magic cards.

I don’t think I’ll ever pass up another opportunity for making June about how there’s NO TERFS ON GRUUL TURF. Yes, it’s another month of red-green lands-based cards, of varying measures of power. My aim, as always, is casual multiplayer commander decks.

An idea I tried and discarded was using my No Magic Colour Is Transphobic masterpost as the flavour to create a collection of a whole month of commanders in every colour combo, where each one represents a trans character. I wanted to do that, but getting art could prove tricky, and there are only 20 of those cards. I’d need to add five more for each of the Dragon broods, I guess, and the families of New Capenna. Maybe another time!

The rules for June’s cards were:

  • Every single card needed to have the word land on it somewhere.
  • Every single card needed to only be valid in a deck that was at least R/G
  • No overusing landfall
  • No actively making fetchlands even better
  • Minimise shuffling where I can
  • Any land destruction had to be multiplayer-biased

When I say I want ‘multiplayer-biased land destruction’ I mean I want land destruction that’s oblative, or that comes on a delay, so you at least get a chance to deal with it. There’s a card that destroys all lands, but it does it after a long time and gives people a lot of opportunity to deal with it or sandbag lands.

And now, the gallery: