Month-End Rush

It’s really just coincidence that I’m sitting here, in the last forty five minutes of the month, writing a bunch of posts that are just too long for a tweet. I’ve avoided posting during the month when I’ve been unreasonably angry or depressed – that just winds up being sour stuff that’s not very fun to read.

Right now when I let my fingers fly, though, my goodness am I angry. I’m angry at the poor internet, I’m angry at liberterianism, I’m angry at the way most of my identity is being used as totems and symbols of horrible people, and I’m angry at even the petty things like the dog is being a brat again.

I have some thoughts mulling around in my head about ideology as relates to racism and religion, and how Ferguson has me more galvanised than ever that people believing bad things can lead to bad actions. I also want to write a guide to the world of One Stone, with all the nationalities outlaid. I want the barrier for enjoyment to be very low for that story – and right now it does unfortunately lean on the fact that the world is first outlaid in Immortal Engine.

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