MODO Continues To Be Just A Bit Awful

I’ve only been the new version of Magic Online for a few hours and I’ve already found problems that embarrass me.

First things first, if I want to take more than one card out of a deck, it’s pretty daft. Despite being able to shift-select cards, if I want to grab, say, three stacks of cards, and put them back in my card pool, it will only let me remove one at a time. If I right-click and select ‘remove all’, it’ll remove one stack of them. Okay, fine, UIs are hard and that’s rough.

What about the way the deck builder interface can’t work out if you want things in a pile or a list? If you set a deck to display in ‘pile’ mode, then change decks, every single card is in one pile of its colour, and can neither be moved nor can you select them. You have to change the mode to card view.

Okay, fine, again, UI issues. Whatever.

In the store, if you try to open the entry for Heroes vs Monsters, a deck, the description includes a link to find out what’s in this product. If you click it, it takes you to the announcement of the product – which has no such information, and in fact, tells you to ‘tune in’ for that product. This product’s been out for over a year now.

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