If I Were Peter Molyneux 4

Our protaganist on the way to a comic convention winds up in the wrong part of the hotel and finds emself accidentally the one normal person attending a convention for serial killers, each one of whom is a colourful 1980s style movie antagonist, in the more Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers mould rather than the supernatural Freddie Krueger. When the protaganist realises this, what follows is a sequence of stealth-based puzzles, where lone serial killers stalk em around a room and needing to be dispatched in increasingly elaborate but nonetheless realistic ways to take them by surprise and take them out like they’re victims in a 1980s serial killer movie, leading the player on an escape through the setting of an expensive hotel, a colourful convention centre, an abandoned warehouse storage area for same, and eventually a high-rise apartment where someone is getting their tits out. Background elements would include serial killers talking about their interests and at least one serial killer getting her tits out only to get stabbed in the neck by another serial killer operating on automatic, only for his cohorts and peers to surround him and shame him for this brutal perpetuation of a 1980s mysoginist stereotype.

The grand finale would feature the eventual obvious point that the protagainst is now a serial killer and still thought it was justified because after all, everyone they killed was a serial killer, protesting that the last three kills really did count and refusing to believe that they were cosplayers.

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